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Set Your Intention - Manifestation Candle

Set Your Intention - Manifestation Candle

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Handpoured with intention on the Scorpio Super New Moon. This intention candle will assist you in creating the life you want!

Light this candle on the new moon, set an intention for the month, write it down and then meditate on this intention. On the full moon light it again, go back to where you journaled your intentions and reflect on what's working and what is not. When pay attention to the moons cycles and making your intentions like this, life just seems to flow more easy and you take yourself out of the autonomous, auto pilot mode. Create the life you want with intention instead of reacting to your outer world

Or use it as your meditation candle for your daily practice 

  • 8oz soy wax candle
  • Approx 36hrs burning time
  • Slight aroma of lavender essential oil
  • Wooden wicks (sound like a crackling fire)
  • Rose quarts (approx 2)
  • Obsidian (approx 5 flakes)
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