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About the mindful menace

I am a one woman production making every item myself using ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly sourced materials. I want to offer a completely new way of buying products for those who are looking for a new sustainable way of living. I do not follow trends but instead make a collection of timeless items that are made to last paying attention to every detail.
The first product I designed was the zafu meditation cushion. I spent months researching fillings, fabrics and patterns before coming up with my two designs. I use my cushion every day for meditation as well as on my sewing machine chair.
I then started making bags for friends and for myself. I discovered that I had more creative freedom drawing up patterns for bags than with cushions, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I make my bags with strong durable fabrics whilst double and triple sewing structural seems including handles and straps .
The eye pillow I use at least once a week for my yoga nidra session along with savasana at the end of my morning yoga practice. I also find it great for headaches or if I'm stressing out and need to came down.
The silk pillow case I have been using for years. I cannot stress enough the difference it makes to the condition of my hair and skin.
The heat pack is a must have for my monthly cycle, I don't like to take pain killers for the cramps so I really need the heat to ease the pain. I made it extra long and wide to cover more of the area.
If there is something you would like me to design and make for you please don't hesitate to contact me. I'll do my best to help you.
Peace and Love
Michelle aka The Mindful Menace


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