Meditate with your Mala Bracelet

Meditate with your Mala Bracelet

Practicing Meditation this morning using my mala bead bracelet. I love this practise as I don't need an electronic device for a timer. Just myself, my cushion and my beads. And although there are many ways one can meditate, I have found this practice the easiest to stay focused and most powerful

What is Japa Meditation?
Japa is a meditative repetition of a mantra. You say you're mantra for each bead so its much like praying with rosary beads. Your mantra can be whatever you like for example an affirmation like "I am calm" or a sanscrit mantra such a "sat nam". It can be spoken out loud or in your mind.

1. Japa meditation reduces stress and calms the mind
The combination of deep breathing, sacred sound and the slow steady rhythm of a japa meditation practice has inherent and synergistic calming properties.
2. Your heart loves meditation
Advanced yogis have been known to slow their heartbeats down to unbelievable rates and studies on meditation have shown it to reduce blood pressure and heart rate
3. Meditation improves concentration and focus
The technique of meditation is simple, but the practice is difficult due to the amount of focus and concentration required. Just like how exercising a muscle makes it stronger, meditation likewise strengthens your mind. Japa is the best meditation for the mind as it utilizes multiple points of focus: the breath, the mantra, and the touch and movement of the mala beads.
4. Meditation reduces negative thoughts and improves mood
Research shows that the vast majority of our thoughts are negative. Worst, the repetition of negative thought patterns in our minds strengthens them and increases feelings of sadness, anger, grief, and loneliness. Mantra meditation’s repetition of positive and sacred Sanskrit syllables replaces negative thinking and creates new positive patterns in our mind.
5. Mantra meditation cultivates positive emotions
Research studies have shown that meditators have higher levels of kindness, compassion, and empathy than non-meditators.

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