What does meditation do?

What does meditation do?

What meditation 🧘‍♀️ has done for me!!

What is all the hype about this meditation lark, what does it actually do on a practical everyday level?

For me meditation has changed the way I interact with life, my complete outlook

My mantra when doing japa meditation is "I am not the body, I am not even the mind" and after months of this practice I feel like I get this space now between my involuntary thoughts and emotions and how I react to them. When I feel anger, irritated, a jealous thought I feel I have gained this pause before the reaction that allows me to see what is happening and decide how I really want to interact

I feel more compassionate towards others, I no longer see others as a threat but a reflection of me just another soul trying to make it, I don't take things as personally I see remarks or judgements as a reflection of that persons well being and want to help

The repetition of the mantra now comes into my head naturally in times where my mind would usually wander allowing me to be more present instead of "away with the fairies". I now enjoy waiting in queues or at traffic lights as it gives me a moment to be with my breathe

Everyday I am so grateful that I found this practice
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