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Quality over Quantity

One of the most important aspects in being a sustainable business for me is making products that are made to last.

Back in the 60's a marketing shift took place when top companies in the fashion industry decided to make long term products such as coats and boots into short term usable products like cigarettes and food.
And here we are 60 years later in a throw away culture where it is the norm to buy a dress for an occasion and never wear it again or buy a coat one year and it's "no good" the following year because it no longer on trend.
I feel we need to go back to the old way of buying timeless high quality products that last a lifetime and even handed down. In the long run it's easier on our pockets, less stressful when occasions come up as you won't have to run around the shops looking for a throw away outfit. 
You'll end up owning less but absolutely adoring what you do have.
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