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5 Sacred Space Essentials

While you definitely do not need all these things to meditate. I cannot stress enough how setting aside a quiet space to practice has helped me create a daily habit. Its a physical reminder beckoning me every morning.
I have hand picked for you the five props that I use on a daily or weekly basis and have helped me most in my practice
  1. Meditation Cushion - for me this cushion is by far the most beneficial addition to my practice. When I was a beginner I was plagued with back, hip and knee pain not to mention the pins and needles. This buckwheat cushion lifts your hips supporting your back allowing you to sit comfortably for longer. It has been an absolute game changer and is the reason I started my business making these beauties available for you too!!
  2. Mala Bead Bracelet - I use this mala bead bracelet as my main practice now. I like that I don't have to have ear phones, a timer or my phone on me. I simply choose my mantra or an intention I want to set and repeat it with each bead of the bracelet. This practice usually takes about 20 minutes
  3. Eye Pillows - I underestimated how much I would use and love my linen eye pillow. Simply lie across your eyes and the slightly weighted organic buckwheat hulls relax and cool the eye and forehead area giving a deep calming sensation. I use this pillow every week for either a body scan mediation or a yoga nidra practice. But its most powerful use for me has been the head ache relief and helping me sleep. I keep it beside my bed every night
  4. Hand Rolled Incense - My favourite scents have to be sage and spiritual healing at the moment. These are great for setting a relaxing and calm space for meditation. I also use these every morning to cleanse my workshop, just a little ritual I like to do to start a new day and bring some good energy to my work.
  5. Organic Cotton Blanket - No excuse to put off my practice on cold mornings this snug blanket is beautifully warm and snug while also sturdy making it a great accessory for yoga

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